Eddy Chen



Eddy Chen was Made in Taiwan and raised in sunny SoCal. Eddy developed a love for taking photographs at a young age when his father gifted him a camera for his ninth birthday. He took photos of anything and everything. This became his obsession. He even printed his photos when that was still a thing. Later on in life when he decided to pursue photography as a career his father emphatically asked, “Why!?” This confused Eddy.

For the last decade Eddy’s been working as a photographer in the film and tv industry. He has honed his craft, capturing moments that transcend the screen and resonate with audiences worldwide. From striking portraits to behind-the-scenes shots, he simply loves storytelling through imagery.

Eddy is a member of the International Cinematographer’s Guild, Local 600. He currently resides in LA with his beautiful wife and two dogs. He’s expecting a daughter, his first child with his wife, later in the summer and has already pre-wrapped cameras as future birthday presents for her.


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