Alex Tehrani


I’ve been making pictures for as long as I can remember. A personal trip kickstarted my career at age 21 - photographing elections that turned into a war in Sub-Saharan Africa - and ever since I've done my best to balance the commissions that followed with my own self-inspired projects.

Three decades of exposure to all walks of life in every corner of the globe has fed my curiosity in a way not too many career choices could have. And the good fortune that's come commercially has allowed me to do nothing but adventure around & make pictures since getting my degree from NYU in the early 90's.

I like photographs you can feel and learn from - the Magnum cooperative has always been a huge influence - and if I can leave anything behind hopefully it's thought-provoking images of real moments from the real world. Really hoping to stay visually-inspired and socially-engaged right til the end.

I live in Topanga Canyon, surrounded by lots & lots of good things.


Apple, UCSF, PNC Bank, Nike, Xbox, Liberty Mutual, Bank of America, Adidas, General Electric, IBM, Embassy Suites, Southern Comfort, Verizon, Zyrtec, Coca Cola, Siemens, SAP, Kodak, Georgia State University, Wesleyan University, Wachovia, Alibaba, HP, ESPN, New York Magazine, Road & Track, Outside Magazine, Details, The Face, Interview, Fortune, Time, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Big Mother Jones, People, Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, Wall St Journal Magazine.